Schauer Chargers for 48 Volt Golf Carts

For 48 Volt Golf Carts Made by Various Manufacturers including Club Car, Yamaha and others.

This charger is a 48 Volt 15 Amp fully automatic (completes the charge cycle and goes to "float" charge) charger.  This charger operates on standard household power (117VAC 60 Hz) but can also operate on 240 Volts 50 or 60 Hz power.  This charger is front panel switch selectable for either "Flooded" (normal lead acid batteries that have caps for checking liquid level) or the AGM type (Sealed) batteries.

These chargers are available with all the common types of connectors used by Golf Carts of the various manufacturers.  Price of these chargers vary depending on the type of connector you need to connect to your cart.

These Schauer chargers are compatible with the standard electrical power worldwide.  They operate on 100 to 240 Volts AC, 50 or 60hz.  If your power is 240 Volts AC at 50 hz, no changes need to made to this charger to have it operate on that power.  We will be shipping this charger with AC Power Cord for use in the United States or Canada.  If your country uses a different AC Power Mains Plug, you will need to obtain that Mains Plug and install it in place of the US plug.  Or, there are adapters made for conversion from the US standard plug to other countries standard plugs.

WARRANTY:  These Schauer chargers have an 18 month from date of purchase warranty from the Manufacturer.

NOTE: The warranty on these chargers is from Schauer Corp.  Schauer has the purchaser ship the charger back to them for any necessary warranty repairs.  Schauer then ships the repaired charger or replacement charger back to the customer.  The customer pays for shipping to Schauer and Schauer pays to ship the repaired charger back to the customer.

CONNECTORS:  The Schauer Chargers are available with the following connectors:


These are the least expensive connectors.  The SB-50 connector is shown in the picture below.


Schauer 48 Volt 20 Amp Charger with SB-50 Connector:  

Price $275.00 including shipping inside the US (Lower 48 States)  by UPS Ground.

js48v15asb50 2


This is the Yamaha Connector for 48 Volt Yamaha Carts


Schauer 48 Volt 15 Amp Charger with Yamaha Connector:  

Price $295.00 including shipping inside the US (Lower 48 States)  by FedEx Ground.


Club Car:

This is the Club Car Connector for 48 Volt Club Car Carts.


Schauer 48 Volt 15 Amp Charger with Club Car Connector:  

Price $295.00 including shipping inside the US (Lower 48 States)  by UPS Ground.


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