Anderson Type SB Connectors

These connectors are used for almost all Fork Lifts, Pallet Jacks, Man Lifts, some Golf Carts and other types of Battery Powered Equipment.  

There are two important things to consider when letting us know what connector you need.  First, you don't need to specify "male" or "female".  These are genderless connectors.  One of the connectors just plugs into the other as long as the size and color are the same.  

SIZE:  Most common are the SB-50, SB-175 and SB-350 connectors.  The number would indicate the number of amps the connector is rated to handle.  For instance an SB-50 would be for up to 50 amps.  The SB-350 would be for up to 350 amps.

The picture below shows the relative sizes.

Click HERE for a larger picture.


COLOR:  You must have the right size connector as mentioned above and also the right color.  A gray connector will only plug into another gray connector.  A red connector will only plug into another red connector.  A blue connector will only plug into another blue connector.

The reason is that (by standards) the color indicates the voltage of the battery operated equipment. Red is for 24 volts.  Gray is for 36 volts and blue is for 48 volts.  Now let me go ahead and say that not all manufacturers stay with the color standard.  Often we find that 24 volt and 48 volt equipment have gray connectors.

Red, Gray and Blue SB-50 connectors


Here is a picture of what the contacts look like in the end of the connector.


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